Posted in September 2014

Leading People: The World Is Changing

One of the biggest mistakes any future leader can make is to assume that the strategies used by his or her predecessor to lead and manage employees will be successful when they have the opportunity to provide direction. Just like technology, leadership styles change. What was effective yesterday may not motivate today’s employee to perform … Continue reading

Start Your Fall with a Bang

If you’re like many individuals across the country, the fall season represents an exciting time each year. You’ve made it through this year’s version of the summer doldrums, and thus have recently concluded what friends, family, and envious neighbors can only concede has been a highly productive few months. A typical you has successfully met … Continue reading

2014 Workplace Trends

Most of us spend about 2,000 hours a year in the workplace. Not only does this time provide insight into our identities and how we coexist with others, but it also provides the foundation for how we learn to overcome and solve problems. When workplaces across the country are identified, classified, and studied, the emergence … Continue reading

September Days to Remember

Too often, we jump into fall and fail to understand the opportunities that September gives us to plan and host an event that brings people together. Whether a Jaycee event or not…hint, hint…September is a great month to bring people together for any number of reasons – a nice meal, a celebration, perhaps even a … Continue reading