The Summertime Job Search

Summer Job SearchAs the summer months roll around, there is a huge misconception that many job seekers fall prey to – no one is hiring this time of year. Wrong. In today’s business climate, organizations do not stop looking for new talent for roughly a quarter of the year, and in fact, a summer job search may offer some unique advantages over your fall, winter, and spring competitors.

Patty Coffey, a partner at the staffing organization WinterWyman, recently offered eight reasons why the summer is a great time to job hunt on Below are the highlights, click here to check out the article and full analysis.

  1. Summer is a slower season – companies will have more time to interview
  2. Jobs do exist – businesses with high sales volumes in summer need employees
  3. Contract-to-hire positions are abundant – companies need to fill extended vacations and long leaves of absence
  4. Unexpected network opportunities – there is a chance to network at every BBQ, sporting event, or even at your local chapter Jaycee meeting
  5. A possibly shorter interview process – companies will shorten the process to help meet scheduling considerations of all involved
  6. Summer is an easier transition period – it is easier to get adjusted to a new office or position when the office environment becomes a bit slower paced
  7. It’s easy to sneak out – finding the time to interview for that new position can be easier if it is less busy at your current position and you can get away for an afternoon without being missed
  8. It’s high energy – the season offers longer days and more activity…take advantage of it

As a Jaycee, the summer months are a great time to get involved with projects around your community. Don’t forget to spend a little time on your personal development, and check out what the job market can offer you. Once you’ve started down that path, take a minute and share your experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages – your fellow Jaycees would benefit from your wisdom.


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