Posted in January 2014

What Makes a Leader? Lessons from MLK

What makes an individual a leader? What are the skills, traits, education, and desires that make certain people more successful at encouraging others to respond to their words and actions? Books, courses, and trainings are all part of the winning recipe, but it’s also important to make the effort to improve these skills in real-world … Continue reading

Healthy ACTIVE Lifestyles

Whether you’re crying over the loss or celebrating the fact that you have another eleven months to go – the holidays are officially over. Not only are they a few weeks past – to be occasionally relived in clandestine mobile phone pictures of you from New Years – so might be some of your resolutions. … Continue reading

Careers in the New Year

The beginning of the year is always the best time to make your big life decisions, right? New year = fresh start. Last week’s blog discussed setting and reaching your goals for the year, this post will focus on arming you with the knowledge to wage a successful campaign for one of your most important … Continue reading