Maximize Your Networking Efforts: Who You Really Need to Know

networking_professionals handshakeSometimes more doesn’t always equal better, and that can certainly ring true for the amount of people in your professional network. With random invitations on LinkedIn and enough business cards collected to fill an entire Rolodex, our networking efforts can be clogged with connections that might not make the most sense professionally. Did you know that you can usually narrow your efforts down to just a few people at a professional networking group event? The Jaycees have the insight on who you need to meet at your next networking event.

The planner – Who is throwing the shindig that you’re attending? Obviously that person has the wherewithal to organize the event that has brought all of these individuals together. With that in mind, make sure that you take the time to make an introduction. This person is likely to have a lot of industry and professional connections that can be beneficial to you in the future. Be sure to follow up after the event, thank them and stay in touch.

The speaker – Most events have a speaker who has important industry information to share with the room. If your host/hostess thought them appropriate enough to share their wisdom with a group of young professionals, make sure that you give yourself the opportunity for some one-on-one time. Whether you gain knowledge on how they reached their success or simply request to connect on LinkedIn, this is also a connection who you will want to maintain a relationship with. Are they on Twitter? That’s a great way to stay visible, up-to-date and interactive with any industry information he/she might share.

The friendly face – There are always familiar faces as industry and networking events. Reach out to one of these friendly faces to join you at an upcoming affair – these things are always better with someone else in tow. By attending the event with an acquaintance instead of a friend, you will be more likely to interact with others. Your new friend will also be able to make introductions to people they know and vice versa. As always, maintain a good relationship with this person and those you meet for the future.

Those may not be the only people you could meet at a young professionals meeting, but when you are trying to build an impressive network they may be the most influential. Do you have any additional networking tips for your fellow Jaycees members? Visit our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and share them with us today!


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