The Jaycees Through the Years: Entertainment Edition

nixon and elvisYou can look at nearly all professional fields – from politics to health care to major innovators – and find a successful member of the Jaycees at the forefront. This also rings true for professionals in the entertainment field. Many people who have brought joy and amusement into the lives and homes of millions of people across the world are also entrepreneurs. But did you know that they have also been a part of the same organization that you are involved in today?

Larry Bird – The famed professional basketball player, coach, and owner was also a member of the Jaycees. His membership may not have accounted for this athletic prowess, but it may have helped him in his ongoing career as a business owner.

Kaye Lani-Rae – This Jaycee member was crowned Miss America in 1988. As a registered nurse, Kaye used her platform to raise awareness for nursing and hospice programs worldwide. Her philanthropic actions exude what it means to be a Jaycee.

Elvis Presley – Yes, even “The King” had an interest in developing his leadership skills and network! In fact, Elvis went on to be a recipient of one of the 10 TOYA awards given in 1970. (You can actually see his acceptance speech right here!)


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