In-Person vs. Online Communication

Face-to-Face-3-9-11-CHow many texts, emails and social media posts do you respond to each day? Now think about how much time you spend in face-to-face conversation in the workplace. Are you falling out of touch with just how necessary in-person communication is in business? The United States Junior Chamber believes that e-communication should be supplemental to real talk, not the other way around. Why exactly? Read on to see why person-to-person contact is still the reigning channel of communication:

You can’t see body language via email. A UCLA study indicated that up to 93 percent of all communication is nonverbal. This includes eye contact, body language and posture. Many times in business, forgoing in-person meetings with clients can lead to misdirection and ultimately one or more parties being unsatisfied. Have you ever told someone what they wanted to hear to get them off your back? This is much easier to avoid face-to-face because of the nonverbal cues that are absent from e-based communication.

Lackluster results in online networking efforts. Can you network primarily online? Sure! Many people do in the form of the social media platform LinkedIn. Do you think that networking online is maximizing your efforts? Probably not. It’s difficult to create, nourish and grow connections without actually meeting these people in the flesh from time to time. This is why the Jaycees often sponsor networking events or community service activities. Get out from behind your tablet, laptops and smartphones and interact with your peers and other industry professionals to sharpen your communication skills.

You’re not Bosley – people need to know that you’re real. Imagine this: you cross paths with a co-worker/LinkedIn connection/business affiliate. Whether they know who you are and you don’t know their face (or vice versa), it’s embarrassing for everyone involved. We don’t expect you to remember every single name and face that you come across in a lifetime, but remember that the people you meet through work or industry-related events are not bridges you ever want to burn. Make sure that when people do learn your face there is a positive association.

What do you think? Are you pro face-to-face communication, or do you believe that technology is paving the way for strictly e-based communication? Visit our Facebook or Twitter pages to share your thoughts. Interested in joining our Jaycee chapter? Find out how to get started here.


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