Leaderships Skills Required for Young Entrepreneurs


As the saying goes, not everyone is born a leader. Why do young professionals let that deter them from seeking management roles or starting their own business? Just because you need to improve on certain leadership traits doesn’t mean you weren’t cut out for it. Developing the skills necessary to be a leader – a good leader – takes patience, time and lots of practice no matter who you are.

In the school yard, the natural leaders that emerge are the outspoken, opinionated kids that no one wants or cares to challenge. Note that once we grow up, we know that superior leaders are skilled in the art of listening rather than talking. Listening is the key to learning and passing your knowledge along to everyone else – and isn’t that really what having a leadership role is all about?

Many people incorrectly identify coworkers that are persuasive as leaders in the workplace. It is not up to a leader to convince anyone; rather, they need to be able to understand that others will always have different views and opinions. A good leader will be able to walk-in someone else’s shoes. A great leader will not only walk in someone else’s shoes, but they’ll also paint a larger picture of what needs to happen and why.

As a young entrepreneur, you may be used to being one of the smartest in the room. When it comes to leading a business or a boardroom, it pays to surround yourself with coworkers and colleagues that are smarter than you. Even if you are running your own company, you can’t do it all. Who else would be better candidates to have at your side than those that are just as ambitious and smart as you?

Taking the steps now in your young career to finesse your leadership skills will ultimately help you in your quest to become an effective and successful entrepreneur. Did we miss any characteristics that would help young professionals become better leaders? Take to our Facebook and Twitter to let us know! Already have your leadership skills down and want to work on your networking? Contact the Jaycees to find out more about our social networking club!


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