Members Elect National Officers at Annual Conference

As a part of the recent annual conference in Des Moines, Iowa, the general session included the election of national officers for the 2013 calendar year.

Nominating a Dedicated Leader
Laurence Bolotin, 2012 State President of Indiana, nominated Chrystal Ramsay for the role of national president. Bolotin explains, “Chrystal’s constant dedication to the Junior Chamber combined with her deep passion for the organization made it easy to give her nomination.  She will bring a strong work ethic and creative thinking to the role of National President.”

The Road to National President
Ramsay joined the US Junior Chamber in 2002, becoming a member of the Ocala (FL) Jaycees. Ramsay has served as the 2008 Florida State President, 2009 National Vice President, 2010 National Membership Director, 2011 Chief of Staff, and as 2012 State’s President Coach.

Ramsay explains, “I first decided to seek the office and work my way toward it because I believe in the organization, and our mission and vision. I am honored to have been elected the 93rd President and will continue to work alongside the members to make this the premiere organization for young people.”

Leadership Training in Japan
As President Elect, Ramsay traveled to Japan to receive training specialized for national presidents alongside 74 delegates from around the world. Together, they discussed the UN Millennium Development Goals, She stayed with a host family who shared their meals and lifestyle, including a traditional kimono passed to the family’s daughter each generation. Ramsay describes the experience as life-changing.

2013 National Vice Presidents
The following National Vice Presidents were elected to support state presidents and members in locations without state-level organizations.

·         Troy Powell, NC

·         Tara Winkler, WA

·         Monica George, LA

·         Paul Crawford, IA

·         Tracy Chagnon, WI

·         Katherine Cheng, TX

·         Valerie Harte, VA

·         Chamene Plum, MT


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