Kiva Microloans

Kiva: Loans that change lives

If you are familiar with the line of the Jaycee Creed that reads “Economic justice can best be one by free men through free enterprise”, the North Miami Jaycees are really putting that belief into action through our newest international project, microloans through Kiva (a non-profit organization that gives community-minded individuals the opportunity to become online lenders to entrepreneurs in developing countries without access to traditional banking institutions). In an effort to expand their reach, for a limited time Kiva is sponsoring FREE trial microloans (one per person), so you are only a couple clicks away from helping entrepreneurs in developing countries raise the capital they need to improve themselves, their families, and their communities.

So far, we’ve made loans to:

  • Judith Adriana Tolentino Onorio (a 19 year-old woman from Peru) for Winter clothes for her clothing store
  • Gregoria Arely (a young woman from El Salvador) for corn, oil, seasonings, gas, and firewood for her food store
  • Ann (a 23 year-old woman from Kenya) for shirts, trousers, and shoes for her clothing store
  • Ingrid Guadalupe (a young woman from El Salvador) for blouses, t-shirts, children’s clothes and underwear for her clothing store
  • Josiane (a 25 year-old woman from Rwanda) for children’s clothes for her clothing store
  • Maria Emma (a young woman from El Salvador) for fertilizer and beans for her family’s corn and pig farm
  • Renea (a 37 year-old woman from the Philippines) for rice, bread, shampoo, and other supplies for her general store

You can help us expand the global impact of this project by visiting to become a lender for FREE…and don’t forget to share the link with like-minded family, friends, and colleagues.

The North Miami Jaycees is already a lender, and several members have used the FREE trial link, so we can assure you that it is TOTALLY FREE…no credit card or bank information required, only your name and contact info.


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